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Drive a commercial motor vehicle that has a gross vehicle weight rating greater than 26,000 lbs. License classes georgia department of driver services. Georgia law mandates that all towing companies and wrecker services engaged in the removal of vehicles from private property without the owners or operators consent hold a stateissued nonconsensual towing permit. The fixed ongoing expenses for a tow truck business include any licensing. Only tow companies with a valid nonconsensual towing permit are allowed to. As with class a licenses, you may be required to possess specific endorsements to operate some vehicles with a class b license. Original tow truck businessoperatorequipment inspection report issued by inspecting officer from the washington state patrol. Apply to tow truck driver, recovery agent and more. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. Georgia department of driver services georgia department of driver services georgia department of driver services.

The transportation of materials across state lines is governed by the u. Class b license a single vehicle designed to either transport at least 15 passengers in addition to the the driver or carry hazardous materials class c license. The fixed ongoing expenses for a tow truck business include any licensing fees that. Not all tow truck employment opportunities require a cdl, but the united states department of transportation does require this specialized license for anyone operating a truck and cargo that weighs more than 26,001 pounds. The jobs requiring this license have decrease by 20. Tow truck drivers are required to have their tow truck driver registration document in their possession when driving a tow truck. A class b commercial driver license is required to operate. Easy 1click apply all georgia towing tow truck driver job in alpharetta, ga. How to start a towing business in virginia career trend. Do tow truck operators who hold a cdl require an endorsement to tow vehicles.

How to start a towing company in michigan bizfluent. Requirements for pulling utility trailers in georgia. Simply put, creditors can send tow truck drivers to confiscate a borrowers parked car right in front of her own home. In new york state, drivers must have endorsement from the nys department of motor vehicles to drive tow trucks.

How to get your registered tow truck operator license. New york dmv requires a w endorsement to legally operate a tow truck in new york. Truck driver tow truck salary georgia, united states. A georgia driver s license is classified according to the type and weight of vehicles that may be operated by the person to whom they are issued. According to texas cdl license requirements, applicants must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid texas driver s license, pass a vision exam and obtain a medical certificate. Tow truck driver job in alpharetta, ga at all georgia towing. My truck has air brakes, but a gvwr of under 26,001 lbs. A vehicle whose actual, registered, or gvwr is over 26,001 lbs. A driver with an incident management license may also operate a tow truck with a private property permit or consent tow permit.

These licenses restrict certain driving privileges, such as. The cdl test is taken in the vehicle for which a person will be licensed and includes testing on pretrip vehicle inspection, basic vehicle control and onroad tests. If you want to serve commercial drivers in georgia who break down or wreck. The minimum age to obtain a restricted driver license in the us varies from 14 years, three months in south dakota to as high as 17 in new jersey. All tow truck operators drivers are required to have one of the following licenses. Tow truck georgia department of public safety georgia. The continued job outlook is good since there will never be a time when the world doesnt need tow truck drivers. How to get your registered tow truck operator license statece.

A class b license usually allows drivers to operate a vehicle weigh more than 26,000 pounds or a vehicle that is towing. Every state requires tow truck drivers to gain certain licenses and. Georgia code grants an exception to this permit requirement if the company. No average person with a drivers license can become a tow truck driver. Box 1456 atlanta, georgia 303711456 404 6247242 or 404 6247245 instruction sheet. Any vehicle as described above that is towing another vehicle weighing up to 10,000 lbs.

In order to obtain your license, you need to pass the. Consider getting a commercial driver s license cdl. Id numbers for the truck s will be assigned upon request for an application. Whale article first published in 2011 most contractors are towing equipment trailers of one sort or another and they do so without giving a second thought about their driver s license. Contact the license division by phone or mail to request an application for license to operate tow truck s. Mt a class d basic driver license allows you to drive any non. The holder of a class d license may also tow vehicles if. Palm beach county towing operating permit application page 6 of i. A tow truck business owner must know how to and be legally licensed to operate a tow truck. Current driver s license you must hold a motor vehicle driver s license that is valid under new york state law, shows tow truck operator endorsement e. Names and addresses of all employees wholl drive a tow truck. A cdl is mandatory for those who drive trucks and cargo weighing more than 26,001 pounds. Georgia department of public safety mccd regulations. It is required to drive certain vehicles in georgia including tow trucks.

Georgia towing laws govern the permits required for certain types of towing, the. Explanation of classes class a commercial any combination of vehicles power unit and trailer with a gross vehicle weight rating gvwr of 26,001 pounds or more, provided the gvwr of the vehicle. Application for nonconsensual towing permit all sections of the application or applicable section of the affidavit must be completed, and they must be signed in blue. Georgia towing laws are governed by the states department of public safety and are designed to protect both consumers and towing companies. Yes, if the weight or combined weight ratings gvwr of the. You can renew your driver s license as early as 150 days before it expires, and as late as 2 years after it has expired. Towing georgia department of laws consumer protection. According to cdl course, a cdl is a commercial drivers license. There are 1,560 tow truck driver jobs available in metro georgia. Georgia department of driver services 2206 east view parkway p. Under georgia auto repossession laws, creditors have the right to repossess automobiles if the car owner stops making car payments or otherwise violates the sales contract.

Whether the vehicle is disabled, in an accident, parked in an unauthorized area or is repossessed, a tow truck driver takes the vehicle to its destination. Most tow truck companies also require their drivers to have at least a high school diploma or ged. Georgia tow truck driving requirements career trend. Drivers of standard cars and trucks require a class a commercial drivers. Incident management license required to operate a tow truck with an incident management permit. This conviction will make you ineligible from obtaining a license again. Judgments is there any judgment against you including owners, partners with 25% or more ownership, corporate president or your company arising out of the activity of recovery, towing or removing. Georgia department of public safety mccd, regulations compliance p. Tow truck drivers work in a variety of industries, and use tow trucks to move vehicles. Frequently asked questions georgia department of public. In most states, tow truck drivers need a class b license. Also, commercial intrastate hazardous materials carriers who haul types and quantities requiring a safety permit must register for a usdot number.

Heavy duty tow truck a tow truck having a chassis rated at 5 tons or greater by the vehicle manufacturer and a winch capable of lifting a minimum of 30,000 pounds as rated by the winch manufacturer. In most states, a graduated licensing law applies to newlylicensed teenage drivers, going by names such as provisional driver, junior operator, probationary driver, or intermediate license. Except where a distinction is made, the term tow truck includes heavy duty tow truck. There are several steps to becoming a registered tow truck driver, some of which differ by state. In some areas, all tow truck drivers must have a cdl. A driver who violates these regulations will be shut down for 24 hours.

View job description, responsibilities and qualifications. A georgia drivers license is classified according to the type and weight of vehicles that may be operated by the person to whom they are issued. Most uhaul rental boxes are able to be driven without a cdl. Tow truck driver requirements truck driving school hq. Consult the supplement for tow truck driver s endorsement to learn more. Felons seeking to become a tow truck driver can have an application for a tow truck driver s license turned down for a conviction of theft, possession, or interstate transportation of a stolen vehicle. Ga commercial drivers licenses georgia department of. A commercial drivers license cdl is a drivers license required to operate large, heavy. Requirements to be a tow truck driver lift and tow. Must possess at least a valid class c drivers license issued by your state of. The test includes a written segment on basic theoretical knowledge and an oral segment to test how drivers would handle. How much does a tow truck driver make in atlanta, ga. If the primary owner of the company has a tow truck license in another state he or she will need to provide this information to the commonwealth.

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