Lichtpult grandma 2 patching

Patching is one word for everything that has to do with the fixtures we have in our show, how they are addressed both signal wise but also for selecting them and how they are arranged in a virtual 3d room. This makes it a very long list all 256 universes are there. For example, i have the following so far that was created when i made the initial patch. The main part of this window displays a big grid with every dmx address, represented by its own cell. Ma lighting grandma2 on pc package buy now from 10kused. Includes command and fader wing, 2 x touchscreens and in built pc with ups.

How to patch fixtures and navigate the patch in grandma2 software. This is one of the essential access points for everything that has to do with your entire fixture setup structure. This will be a quite a short stream but should how have i personally setup for psr, etc. This manual describes the complex possibilities th at the grandma has in store for you. While the mythosfixtures work great as a profilefixture and do one of the punchiest beams on the market, it.

Click here to sign up for the lightparts newsletter. This minicourse will give you the skills to navigate. That fits perfectly to what we need right now please tap it. Patching, dmx, and fixture setup grandma2 user manual. In this lesson we cover patching a basic rig of fixtures, positioning them in 3d and generate default palettes for them our website. Fixid chaid 301 321 302 322 303 323 304 324 305 325 306.

Buy a used new ma lighting grandma2 onpc command wing. How do i make multiple fixture ids map to one channel id. In the top part of the edit popup you will find the fixture and any multipatched fixtures and there is a patch column. The chance of grandma2 onpc not being able to handle your rig and show is pretty much zero. Adding and patching dimmers grandma2 quick start guide.

You can change the patch of fixtures without going into the full setup. It has changed the fixture type to the one you have selected. Live patching grandma2 user manual help pages of ma lighting. Patching, dmx, and fixture setup grandma2 user manual help. Having your fixture ids, names, addresses, and other bits of patch information in a viewable and printable format can become. Live patching using the dmx sheet and the dmx tester. Creating your first cue list and working with presets duration. Live patching grandma2 user manual help pages of ma. If you edit the fixture then there is also have the possibility to change the dmx address. Selecting the fixture type changes the left side of the screen. Im trying to add some conventionals into my patch on the grandma2.

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