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Notes this series and 71005 the simpsons series are the only minifigures series that contains minifigures from another theme. Just like standard minifigures, lego friends feet are compatible with studs and their hands can grip lego minifig accessories, such as a hairbrush. Ninjago city 4777 parts, 19 minifigs, 2017 catalog. Legos social media team revealed a handful of minifigs from the lego ninjago movie collectible minifigures line featuring pajama midnight snack garmadon, green arrow luhloyd, second breakfast sensei wu, and angry ninja lady. Lego ninjago minifigures ninjago s team of ninjas consists of kai, lloyd, zane, nya, jay and cole, and their ancient mentor wu, who imbues them all with their skills, strength and discipline. The following is a list of all episodes and minimovies of lego ninjago.

Buy lego friends minifigures brick owl lego marketplace. Lego ninjago minifigures and their names from sets unagami,exclusive golden lloyd,stone scout,exclusive general kozu,zane,akino,haunser,sushimi,haunser. Lego collectible minifigures series 19 71025 official. Bricklink reference catalog sets category the lego. The lego ninjago movie official set names the brick fan. The lego ninjago movie collectible minifigure series. Kick your collection into shape with lego ninjago minifigures the lego ninjago theme has gone from strength to strength since it debuted in 2011, with numerous minifigure collections and sets released, not to mention an accompanying tv series. Each minifigure comes with one or more accessories, plus a display plate and a collectors leaflet.

It is the first to be based on ninja since the discontinuation of the ninja sub theme of the castle line in 2000. The lego ninjago movie 71019 ninjago buy online at. The ninjago movie looks like it is going to be a heap of fun, and like the lego movie and lego batman movie before it lego have released a series of tiein minifigures. Meet all 20 characters from the lego ninjago movie minifigure series. With the dust now settling from the excitement surrounding the sets that lego has unveiled during this years new york toy fair, lets now get a closer look at each of these starting with the next line of legos collectible minifigures cmf. Characters and minifigures lego ninjago official lego. Collect this series of lego minifigures characters and create your very own actionpacked the lego ninjago movie scenes. Buy minifigures the lego ninjago movie lego minifigures and get the best deals. Lego s twitter account have started unveiling the minifigures from the upcoming lego ninjago movie minifigure series.

Lego, the lego logo, the minifigure, duplo, the duplo logo, legends of chima, the legends of chima logo, the friends logo, the minifigures logo, mindstorms, the mindstorms ev3 logo, ninjago, the ninjago logo, nexo knights, and the nexo knights logo are trademarks andor s of the lego group. Other than the sewer babies, the lego movie 2 minifigure pack also includes emmet yeah, lego is really emmet in every tlm2 set and a female minifigure which could either be sharkira from emmet. How to unlock all the lego ninjago movie videogame characters. The lego ninjago movie collectable lego minifigures. The lego ninjago movie collectible minifigures list, pictures. Shark army octopus minifigure only entry, no stand, no accessories catalog. The lego movie 2 sewer babies are part of what seems to be a lego movie 2 minifigure pack, similar to those from the lego batman movie and lego ninjago. This is the complete list of all 20 of the lego ninjago movie minifigures that were released in the. Theyre currently trickling out the characters and theyve so far released 10 out of 20 minifigures. Over the last few days the lego ninjago facebook page has been revealing the full lineup of 20 minifigures that will form the lego ninjago movie series. Lego ninjago minifigures characters names price guide. Ninjago movie minifigure series revealed bricking around.

Newforaugust2017 elements include a black hat and weapon for garmadon, scarf for jay, wigs for lloyd, jay, nya, kai and misako, octopus helmet, angler fish helmet, bowls, spoons and a 2x3 blue tile with printed. Cole the lego ninjago movie series all the minifigures packets are opened to guarantee that theres the correct minifigure inside. Lego minifigure series 1 19, ninjago movie, batman movie series 1 and 2, lego movie, simpson, disney, harry potter, dc superheroes checklists and visual guides. Product lego the lego movie 2 systar party crew 70848 metalbeard minifigure 196 pieces. Lego ninjago minifigures characters names price gu. With 20 different minifigures in this series there is a lot to. This is a list of characters from the lego movie franchise produced by warner animation group and the lego group, which consists of the animated films and lego sets from that film, 4d film and tv series. The movie 149 the ninjago movie 90 the powerpuff girls 5 the simpsons 10 time. The lego ninjago movie official set names april 24, 2017 set names.

This list pays no mind to the canonicity of its content, listing it due to its connection to the franchise and not its place in the tv series timeline. The list also includes the movie adaption of the television series. Lego minifigures series 1 background with names sg. Be sure to listen to my conclusions at the end of the v.

Includes 2 versions of lloyd, 3 versions of garmadon and newforaugust2017 versions of nya and kai. If youre a fan of sensei wu and the masters of spinjitzu, youll be glad to know we offer a wide range of. The lego ninjago movie minifigures will be the next minifigure series and has a release date of august 2017. Long before time had a name, the ninjago world was created by the first spinjitzu master by using. It looks like some of the official set names for the lego ninjago movie have been revealed over on bricksets database. Do you have the skill to become a master ninja and battle samukai.

Spinjitzu training 70606 ninjago city chase 70607 master falls 70608 manta ray bomber 70609 water strider 70611 green ninja mech dragon 70612 lightning jet 70614 fire mech 70615 temple of the ultimate 70617 destinys bounty 70618. However these lego minidolls are very different from all other minifigures as they are slightly taller and made to look more realistic. It is based on characters from the lego ninjago movie. Minifigures the lego ninjago movie lego minifigures for sale ebay. Buy lego ninjago minifigures brick owl lego marketplace. The lego ninjago movie minifigures will be the next minifigure series. Minifigures is a 2010 lego theme based on a set of collectible lego minifigures. Each minifigure was sold individually in opaque polybags and came with a selection of accessories, a special display stand, and a paper checklist. Each figure is an original character with new clothing and facial designs, and most contain previously unseen accessories. The packaging was intended to make the minifigure a. Here are all 20 minifigs from the lego batman movie. Lego ninjago castle of the forsaken emperor 70678 toy castle ninja minifigures building set 1218pc. Find out with your own collection of lego ninjago ninja minifigures and your very own skeleton army. Lego ninjago movie display frames for lego minifigures.

Possible names of all the lego collectible minifigures series 17 71018 revealed. Lego minifigure series 1 19, ninjago movie, batman movie. Lego minifigures archives page 6 of 25 the brick show. Lego ninjago movie collectible minifigures complete set of 20 minifigures sealed 71019. Lego minifigure series 1 18, ninjago movie, batman mo. High resolution hd movie poster image of for the lego ninjago movie wu. Get limited custom lego sets at total of 73 lego ninjago movie minifigures for 2017. Possible names of all the lego collectible minifigures. Fandom apps take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. There is actually a 102th character spot open at the end of the roster, who can only be unlocked by entering a code from the asofyet unreleased the lego ninjago movie bluray box. The shirts back says world tour 1985 and a list of fake tour dates with. Take a trip to heartlake city and join in the fun of the five friends, andrea, mia, olivia, stephanie and emma. Bring exciting new play possibilities to lego ninjago sets with lego minifiguresthe lego ninjago movie series, featuring kai kendo, spinjitzu. Lego ninjago movie minifigures 2017 complete collection youtube.

The manta ray bomber can be seen on the cover of the the lego ninjago movie ultimate sticker collection and jays. Whilst it retains some elements of this previous theme, one of the main differences is a more detailed accompanying story, primarily underpinned the tv series that its based on, ninjago. Weve already seen a couple of the sets on rebrick where the green ninja mech dragon and the fire mech were shown off. Destinys bounty 2256 parts, 7 minifigs, 2017 catalog. Each series usually contain 16 different minifigures, however some series contain as few as 9 minifigures, while others contain up to 22. Legos twitter account have started unveiling the minifigures from the upcoming lego ninjago movie minifigure series. Add to cart add to cart add to cart add to cart add to cart add to cart customer rating. Meet all 20 characters from the lego ninjago movie. Lego ninjago movie green ninja mech dragon 70612 ninja toy with dragon figurine building kit. Now that the first wave of the lego movie 2 sets have been released out into the wild, weve finally gotten our first official glimpse of the new lego movie 2 minifigures series, featuring a stacked cast of 20 characters as is the norm with lego movie tiein collectible minifigure series, there will be 20 characters to collect in total the release date for the lego. Unfollow lego ninjago minifigures to stop getting updates on. Masters of spinjitzu until mid2019 is a cgi comedyaction family television show that aired on cartoon network in the united states and canada, nickelodeon in denmark and greece, and disney xd in latin america pilot episodesseason 7 and cartoon network season 11.

They manage to capture all the fun and excitement of their on screen counterparts, featuring all your favourite ninjago masters of spinjitzu and some new friends, too. Introducing all 20 characters from the lego movie 2. The second part 2019 as well as its spinoffs the lego batman movie 2017. They are the perfect group of heroes to inspire exciting roleplay adventures. Lego ninjago minifigures characters names price guide checklist. Lego ninjago movie minifigures series 71019 lloyd garmadon.

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